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113 W Monument Street, Floor 2
Baltimore, MD, 21201
United States

(410) 962-1188 x27

Baltimore-based alternative and clean energy company. Certified MBE for energy consulting, energy management information systems, and renewable energy facility production.


Robert L Wallace, President and CEO of BITHENERGY Inc., to deliver Opening Plenary at International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum

BITHGROUP Technologies

Baltimore, MD – September 18, 2015
(BUSINESS WIRE) - Robert L. Wallace, Founder and CEO of BITHENERGY, Inc., will deliver the Opening Plenary at the 2015 International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum– Stronger Together– scheduled for September 27-28th, 2015 in Baltimore Maryland.

Hosted by the U.S. based Business Network for Offshore Wind, the goal of the Forum is to foster a global dialogue on innovation in offshore wind.  The event is attended by representatives from leading offshore wind companies, as well as U.S. based manufacturing, transportation, maritime, engineering and construction industries. 

In a recent interview, Mr. Robert Wallace shared, "I believe that renewable energy in general and offshore wind generation in particular, will be one of the major wealth creation drivers in Maryland's economy.  I would encourage anyone who is interested in business opportunities in the offshore wind sector to attend this conference."

At the event, Mr. Robert L. Wallace will be sharing some key insights on developing strategic partnerships in the energy economy from his upcoming book, Green Gold: Leveraging Alliances and Partnerships in the OSW Industry. As the Bithenergy President and CEO states, “Our world today is in a "disruptive state."  Examples abound.  Uber is disrupting the taxi and limousine industry.  Airbnb is disrupting the hospitality and lodging industry.  We are surprised when new technologies and new competitors burst on the scene, or businesses and industries protected by large and deep moats find their defenses easily breached, or when vast new markets are conjured from nothing.”  Mr. Wallace, believes that the Offshore Wind Industry could become the latest “disrupter” of the energy and utility industry and surviving and thriving in this new era will require mastering the art of rapidly creating and sustaining strategic alliances and partnerships in the interest of innovation and best practices.

About Bithenergy

Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, Bithenergy, Inc. is a leading supplier of the engineering, design, construction, and maintenance of renewable energy systems.  Ranked 49th out of 400 Top Solar Contractors and 8th out of 50 Top Solar Developers in 2014 and 2015, the Bithenergy team has successfully integrated over 150 renewable energy solutions in various states and has successfully developed, financed, and integrated over 2GW of solar projects both nationally and internationally.  Bithenergy, Inc. provides energy services and innovative solutions to maximize energy and operational efficiencies while diversifying and expanding energy sourcing options for its diverse client base.  The company is committed to integrating the needs of the communities that it serves by identifying and promoting the shared values of all entities, which provides the cohesion between the business, governmental, and societal elements in its community.