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Baltimore, MD, 21201
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Baltimore-based alternative and clean energy company. Certified MBE for energy consulting, energy management information systems, and renewable energy facility production.


Press Release: Bithenergy awarded Third Party Residents’ Utility Billing and Payment Collection Services contract from the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC)

Bithgroup Technologies

Baltimore, Maryland – Bithenergy, Inc. is eager to begin work on its newly awarded professional services agreement with HABC.  Bithenergy will service approximately 2,925 units, including Latrobe Homes, Cherry Hill Homes, Westport Homes and Poe Homes.  Bithenergy is a local, small, Baltimore City based minority business enterprise with diverse experience working with federal, state, and local clients, as well as private commercial customers through B2B interfaces. Coretta L. Bennett, Chief Operating Officer of Bithenergy stated, “Bithenergy is perfectly poised to exceed the needs of HABC in providing a premium client experience through the implementation of innovative technologies, anticipatory responsiveness and solutions, and collaboration with our partners on the project.”

Bithenergy is providing a custom billing solution to meet the goals and objectives of HABC.  Located within the BGE service territory, the solution will include setting utility allowances and adjustments based on the schedule requirements.  The system will also decouple the rent and utility charges for the residents.  Through the utility invoice process, the Bithenergy team will process and deliver thousands of utility bills and monthly consumption notices via statements to residents so the residents are more knowledgeable about their usage and consumption. Additionally, Bithenergy is providing regulatory support for HABC’s utility allowance and consumption program for electricity consumption.   Through this partnership, the organizations with tackle some emerging energy and utility scenarios with creative solutions and cutting edge technologies. 

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A recognized authority on energy matters and energy subsystems, Bithenergy offers intelligent strategies and full implementation services for the development of renewable power generation systems, advanced energy management solutions, energy consulting, and smart grid and energy storage infrastructure build-out.  The company is a certified minority business enterprise (MBE) and conducts business throughout the world.






BITHGROUP Technologies and Bithenergy host Advance Placement Environmental Science Students on a Renewable Energy Field Trip to Chimes International of Baltimore and Nixon’s Farms in Howard County

Bithgroup Technologies

On Thursday, March 9, 2017, BITHGROUP Technologies, Inc. and Bithenergy, Inc. hosted thirty-five students and two teachers from the Western School of Technology and Environmental Science on a full day field trip to learn more about Maryland’s robust solar industry. 

Starting out in West Baltimore at Chimes International, an organization that supports people with disabilities and special needs, the students had the opportunity to tour a completed solar panel installation.  This installation consists of three roof-mount solar installations (225KW), an onsite solar ground array (700 KW), as well as an energy monitoring system that tracks energy usage, visible in the Chimes lobby.  At Chimes, the students also had the opportunity to meet with the President of Chimes, Mr. Terence Blackwell, and they learned more about Chimes and the impact of this renewable energy project. 

Later the students visited the Nixon’s Farm installation in Howard County, where they observed and discussed larger solar installations and their impact on the community and environment.  This installation includes a 1.5 MW Ground Mount Solar array that provides energy to Chimes and a 2 MW Ground Mount array that provides power to the Columbia Association of Howard County. 

The field trip concluded with an industry overview and company specific presentation in an office environment which exposed the students to the many career opportunities and other facets in the industry.  The students learned about Energy Audits, Commissioning, LEED Certifications, Power Purchase Agreements, Solar Renewable Energy Projects and Renewable Energy Project Financing.  The students also engaged in discussion with Bithenergy staff about how we can all change our behaviors at home to be more environmentally responsible. 

Finally, the students learned about how various engineering disciplines, such as chemical, electrical, civil, mechanical, environmental, mathematical and business areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, management, can all be utilized to work in an industry in which they can build a strong career while also engaging in improving the environment.  The students asked insightful questions and demonstrated a strong foundational knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math. 

Press Release: Bithenergy executes 3.5MW PPA with Baltimore City Public Schools

Bithgroup Technologies

Baltimore, Maryland – Bithenergy, Inc. executed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Baltimore City Public Schools. In an effort to seek an alternate renewable source of traditional power, City Schools is excited to partner with Bithenergy to develop a 3.5MW solar power generation site. Bithenergy is a local, small, Baltimore City based minority business enterprise. Coretta L. Bennett, a graduate of Baltimore City Public Schools and Chief Operating Officer of Bithenergy stated, “Our company is proud to support City Schools in their initiatives to be environmentally responsible and seek new technologies in energy and sustainability. We are eager to continue growing and building upon our strong relationships.”

The solar array is being built in West Friendship, Maryland on a 67-acre site located in Howard County. The project will be an extension of the Nixon’s Farm solar farm, which currently powers organizations such as the Columbia Association and Chimes International. Located within Baltimore Gas Electric’s (BGE’s) territory, the PPA will offset some of City Schools’ existing traditional electricity load and provide clean renewable power from an offsite location, through virtual aggregate net metering. Virtual Aggregate Net Metering is the practice of allowing one or more customers to combine their electrical meters for the purpose offsetting traditional electricity load to solar generated electricity load thru net metering.

Mrs. Rajeshri Bachubhay, Energy Specialist with Baltimore City Public Schools, notes “Bithenergy is helping City Schools become more sustainable and efficient. Through this innovative contract, the district will better manage and save on utility costs over an extended period of time. We look forward to educating our students, staff, community, and stakeholders about the completed project.”

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Bithenergy offers intelligent strategies and full implementation services for development of renewable power generation, energy consulting, smart grid and energy storage infrastructure build-out. A certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Bithenergy solves complex energy challenges using advanced technologies, new economy innovation, and detailed industry knowledge.

Bithenergy and BITHGROUP team give back to the community

Bithgroup Technologies

On October 27th members of the BITH team volunteered at Moveable Feast, an organization that provides nutritious foods and other services in order to preserve quality of life for people with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening conditions.

Our team happily stepped forward and will definitely do it again. BITHGROUP Technologies VP, Harry Holt commented, "It was a blast, a lot of fun. It really felt great to give back to the community - especially an organization as well respected and known for their charity."

Moveable Feast is always seeking new volunteers and donations, feel free to view their website below for more information!

For 2015’s Fastest-Growing Urban Business, Sustainability and Culture Are Key - ICIC Blog, By Liz Holden

Bithgroup Technologies

For Baltimore-Based Bithenergy, business growth has not come at the expense of community and environmental investment. Quite the opposite, as the company size has increased, its leadership has doubled down on its commitment to a positive impact on the community and on the environment.

Last year at ICIC’s Inner City 100, the renewable energy services company was named the fastest-growing inner city firm in the U.S., earning it the annual Staples Business Growth Award.

ICIC recently spoke with Coretta Bennett, Bithenergy’s Chief Operating Officer, and Daniel Wallace, Vice-President of Business Development, about the company’s rapid growth and the company’s impacts in Baltimore and beyond.

Both Bennett and Wallace said Bithenergy’s commitment to community and culture attracted them to the firm. “The company is a great place to work… The market is growing,” Bennett said. “Bithenergy is very unique as a space and as a company.” 

As a rapidly growing company in the evolving field of renewable energy, Bithenergy has had to navigate a constantly changing landscape. Wallace said that one of the biggest challenges was “growing pains” resulting from the need to add new systems and processes as the company added new employees and new services.

“Because the energy industry is still very new and growing… it creates opportunities for us to continuously learn,” Bennett said. “We’ve had to learn the different markets and the different sectors and understand the regulations and the laws.”

 Hiring the right employees has been key to this growth. Although many staff members are highly trained in technical fields like engineering, Bennett said that character is key: “The staff needs to be a good fit, and the culture is very unique. We look for people that we’d like to work with. We look for people with great ethical standards and who are communicative.”

Wallace agreed. “It’s so important to have good chemistry across your team. When we need all hands on deck we need all hands on deck… We need to be a strong support team for each other.”

 When asked about the benefits and drawbacks of their inner city location, the only drawback that was mentioned was the difficulty of parking in the city. Both cited the company’s proximity to clients and potential employees in Baltimore and in other major East Coast cities as a major benefit. “We… have a lot of clients in the city – we work closely with universities and hospitals. Most of them are located in dense urban centers,” said Wallace.

Bennett said that Bithenergy’s location allows the company to increase its community impact. Coincidentally, both she and Wallace graduated from the same Baltimore public high school as the CEO, Robert Wallace, and all have a strong commitment to the city in which they grew up. “Being in the city allows us to have greater impact on the people who are there,” and increase local hiring, she said.

And for a company whose livelihood is sustainability, an urban location helps to foster a greener workplace. Bennett says that many employees, walk, bike or take public transit to work.

By promoting environmental sustainability through business-driven solutions, Bithenergy has joined the ranks of Inner City 100 companies working to create shared value in their neighborhoods and beyond. “The work we do in the sector and in the community, in Baltimore and internationally, is so attractive. We can do something cutting-edge, save money and benefit people as a whole,” said Bennett. “We’ve done a great job behind the vision of our leader and with the industry we serve.”

Read more about Bithenergy in a corresponding blog authored by Staples.

Huntsville Center awards Fort Campbell solar project - US Army Corps of Engineers

Bithgroup Technologies

Jim Duttweiler, Directorate of Public Works, Sandy Grogan, Pennyrile Rural Electric Cooperative, John Davies, Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence, and Rick McCoy, DPW, join Garrison Commander Col. James “Rob” Salome and Maj. Gen. Gary J. Volesky, 101st Airborne Division and Fort Campbell commander, for the ribbon-cutting for Phase One of the installation’s solar array. (Photo by Megan Locke Simpson)

Jim Duttweiler, Directorate of Public Works, Sandy Grogan, Pennyrile Rural Electric Cooperative, John Davies, Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence, and Rick McCoy, DPW, join Garrison Commander Col. James “Rob” Salome and Maj. Gen. Gary J. Volesky, 101st Airborne Division and Fort Campbell commander, for the ribbon-cutting for Phase One of the installation’s solar array. (Photo by Megan Locke Simpson)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, working with the U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, awarded a $15 million contract Wednesday to Bithenergy Inc., a Baltimore-based small business, for a 3.1 mega-watt solar array that will complete the installation’s state grant requirement for a 5 MW solar array.

The contract, also known as a Renewable Energy Service Agreement (RESA), is the first small scale contract awarded against Huntsville Center’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Program Multiple Award Task Order Contract.

The 27-year RESA for the 3.1 MW array is phase two of Fort Campbell’s 5 MW solar array, which will be the largest Army solar array in Kentucky. Construction is expected to be complete in October. The RESA is being funded through third-party financing and an $800,000 grant provided by the Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program. Phase one, completed in September 2015, is a 1.9 MW portion of the array being executed through a 10-year Utility Energy Services Contract (UESC) with Pennyrile Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation and a $3.1 million Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy grant from the State of Kentucky.

Through the RESA, the Army will purchase and consume the energy that is produced at the on-site renewable energy generation facility. The contractor will finance, design, build, operate, own and maintain the production facilities on 25 acres of land leased from Fort Campbell during the entire contract period of performance.

The award culminates a Huntsville Center-led project development and acquisition effort, with reach-back support from the Office of Energy Initiatives (OEI), using two third party finance vehicles together (3.1 MW PPA and 1.9 MW UESC) to optimally meet the 5 MW renewable energy requirements at Fort Campbell. 

“This project truly showcases how the Army can be innovative and effectively leverage the energy tool box to meet an installation’s renewable, security and resiliency needs,” said Paul Robinson, chief of Huntsville Center’s Energy Division. 

Huntsville Center’s PPA Program provides life cycle project management and serves as an acquisition partner to the OEI for large renewable energy projects (10 MW or greater).  Huntsville Center also provides project development and full administration of small scale renewable energy projects (less than 10 MW) in direct support to Army and Department of Defense installations.

The UESC Program negotiates contracts with local electric, gas and water utility companies that enable the utility companies to provide federal agency customers with comprehensive energy and water efficiency improvements and demand reduction services.

Robert L. Wallace, Founder of Bithenergy wins the "Unsung Hero Award" at the Small Business Association's Award Ceremony

Bithgroup Technologies

On June 15, 2016 Dr. Robert L. Wallace was awarded the "Unsung Hero Award" at Small Business Association's Award Ceremony Luncheon. He received the award due to his unique approach to addressing economic hardships that loomed ahead of BITHGROUP Technologies during the crash of 2008. Wallace was able to shift focus to new ventures, rather than lay off employees. This dynamic idea gave birth to Bithenergy, now one of Baltimore's leading Renewable Energy Companies. Below is an excerpt from the letter to the Small Business Association, nominating Wallace for the award. 

Since I began my tenure in 2004 I have watched Mr. Wallace lead our company and other small business leaders through many storms. Wallace is consistently ahead of the curve.  In difficult times when other small businesses faith is failing he has a knack for knowing the precise moment to turn the corner and point our company into a new and exciting direction.  He calls it a “pivot point”. 

When the U.S. economy began to spiral fear struck a lot of small businesses. Our phones began to ring off the hook from small business owners seeking wisdom and guidance from Mr. Wallace.  Robert encouraged each and every business owner to ride out the storm.  He inspired them to find their niche, stay focused, and operate in excellence. Our company was not exempt.  We were faced with some of the same issues as the other small businesses, however, Robert pivoted and introduced new lines of business in the areas of energy and biometrics to our team.   Both areas of business proved to be very lucrative not only for our company but for the community in the area of job creation.  

Bithenergy receives the 2016 NTA Technical Business of the Year award

Bithgroup Technologies

On Friday, June 3, 2016, Bithenergy received the 2016 NTA Technical Business of the Year award from the National Technical Association. Coretta Bennett, Bithenergy's COO accepted the award presented by Dr. Gbekeloluwa Oguntimein. Robert L. Wallace, the founder and CEO of Bithenergy also delivered the key note speech entitled "Technology Entrepreneurship: The Key to Power" which focused on informing youth how they can better prepare themselves to leverage technology and the entrepreneurial spirit to participate in the global economy. 

The National Technical Association, Inc. was established in 1926.  Its purpose was to create a medium for expressing minority professional concerns for the lack of minority participation in the mainstream of architectural and engineering activity in America.

Today this goal has not changed, but has expanded to include a major concern for the participation of minority youth in meeting the challenge of modern technology.  Also for youth who have dropped from the challenge, NTA encourages them to seek allied programs to suit their interest and needs.

NTA architectural, engineering and scientific membership volunteers its services nationally to assist public institutions in identifying potential minority technical talent.  Public Institutions where the service is encouraged includes high schools, colleges and in the recent past, penal institutions.  NTA has spent the ensuing years gaining nation attention through its programs of encouragement to students and professionals alike.  The organization has enlarged its goals beyond just gaining economic recognition to include making minority youth aware of the opportunities being made available to them.

Dr. Robert L. Wallace, CEO of Bithenergy, spoke at the US News & World Report STEM Conference

Bithgroup Technologies

Dr. Wallace is photographed along with Donald C. Fry

Dr. Wallace is photographed along with Donald C. Fry

Dr. Wallace spoke at the US News & World Report STEM Conference yesterday in Baltimore, MD.  He was a panelist along with Diane Bell-McKoy, President and CEO, Associated Black Charities,  M.Jason Brooke, Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel of Vasoptic Medical, Donald C. Fry, president and Chief Executive Officer of Greater Baltimore Committee, Karl Gumtow, Chief Executive Officer of Cyber point International, and Jeff Salkin (serving as the Moderator) from Maryland Public Television news Anchor. 

The topic of the conference was- INDUSTRY OUTLOOK: EXPLORING Tomorrow's Job and Skills.

When Mr. Salkin asked: "What would you tell the educational institutions about the skills of their graduates?"

Dr. Wallace passionately responded that they need to teach to the future.  "Don't teach to the past of the present.  They need to teach the students to be prepared for where the jobs are going to be.  Engineering schools need teach engineering students how to be entrepreneurs."


Dr. Robert Wallace is inducted into BWCC's Business Hall of Fame

Bithgroup Technologies

Dr. Robert Wallace is inducted into Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber’s Business Hall of Fame. His induction, celebrated  during the BWCC’s Annual Meeting in Linthicum, Maryland May 11, 2016,  received a standing ovation. 

The keynote speaker,  Christopher Crane, President and CEO of the Exelon Corporation provided an outlook on the market sector and Exelon’s initiatives.   Additional speakers include Freeman Hrabowski and Ronald R. Peterson.  Other award recipients are Major F. Riddick, Jr. and The Berman Family.

The meeting also featured a short video of CEO, Dr. Robert Wallace




Proud to be Local and Support Energy & Workforce Development Initiatives

Bithgroup Technologies

On Thursday April 28th at Baltimore City Community College’s Weatherization Center,  Bithenergy engagedin meaningful discussions on How to Maximize Opportunities in the Solar Industry for Local Residents. 

Moderated by Christina Nichols of the Department of Energy's Office of Solar Energy Technologies, the discussion included both government, public, and private stakeholders. Some of the individuals included the President of Morgan State University (J. David Wilson), Alice Kennedy (from the Baltimore Sustainability Office), Elaine Ulrich (DOE Office of Solar Energy Technologies), and Katherine Magruder (Executive Director of Maryland Clean Energy Center).  Additionalorganizational representation include Civic Works, MOED, Grid Alternatives, and Baltimore City Community College.

Southern Maryland Energy and Procurement Expo: Exploring the Future of the Energy Sector

Bithgroup Technologies

Coretta Bennett represented Bithenergy at the Southern Maryland's Energy and Procurement Expo

Coretta Bennett represented Bithenergy at the Southern Maryland's Energy and Procurement Expo

Coretta Bennett (Bithenergy's own Chief Operating Officer) sat as a panelist for Southern Maryland's Energy and Procurement Expo on Wednesday April 20th. The purpose was for energy leaders to discuss economic development and procurement opportunities specific to Southern Maryland. Discussion emphasized opportunities for small, minority owned businesses. It was an extremely beneficial discussion for businesses to learn about energy opportunities that could benefit their business development opportunities.

Panelists included:

·         SMECO: Tom Dennison, Managing Director of Government and Public Affairs

·         BGE: Ammanuel Moore, Economic Development Manager

·         MD Department of General Services: Barry Powell, Director of Energy

·         Bithenergy:  Coretta Bennett, Chief Operating Officer

·         GOMA:  Herb Jordan, Deputy Secretary

·         Clark Construction: Wes Stith, VP of the Subcontracting Development Department, Clark Construction Group


 Moderator: Michael Leslie, Director of Energy & Sustainability, MD Department of Commerce

Sponsor: Southern Maryland Chamber of Commerce