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113 W Monument Street, Floor 2
Baltimore, MD, 21201
United States

(410) 962-1188 x27

Baltimore-based alternative and clean energy company. Certified MBE for energy consulting, energy management information systems, and renewable energy facility production.


Edgewood Management

Edgewood Management Corporation - HUD Utility Models

BITHENERGY is helping Edgewood Management Corporation (EMC) gather utility data for many of their affordable housing units across the United States and using this data to produce utility models on these properties. The states included are District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Florida. EMC must produce HUD utility models for all of their affordable housing properties to qualify for HUD Utility Allowances. EMC manages over 26,000 properties in 14 states and the District of Columbia, including 18,200 federally-assisted apartments and a senior housing portfolio. EMC has a long-term goal of reducing the energy consumption of their properties.

BITHENERGY implemented an HUD Utility Services approach that features direct contact and interaction with the property managers at each location to gather site-specific energy usage. BITHENERGY inputs data on each specific property based on its location and utility cost and creates the EMC property utility model. The data is used to establish a Baseline Utility Model. The HUD-52667 form gives us the ability to generate each property’s electric usage and the utility monthly allowances for each type of unit within the property (i.e. studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, etc.) BITHENERGY creates both a hardcopy report and an electronic version for each property. Executive management reports are produced monthly that help managers make decisions about HUD utility model execution and status as well as future energy-related recommendations. BITHENERGY provides a quick and easy way to gather HUD utility data and produce HUD utility models. It allows EMC to offload work from their staff and save resources. EMC now has access to energy management experts. EMC’s cost savings more than cover the cost of services within the first year of operation.