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113 W Monument Street, Floor 2
Baltimore, MD, 21201
United States

(410) 962-1188 x27

Baltimore-based alternative and clean energy company. Certified MBE for energy consulting, energy management information systems, and renewable energy facility production.


Baltimore City

Baltimore City Climate Action Plan

BITHENERGY helped craft the City of Baltimore’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) for the Baltimore City Department of Planning. Among other areas, BITHENERGY helped develop climate action plan strategies, assessing whether Baltimore’s current sustainability plan will get Baltimore to the 15% reduction by 2015 goal, and providing technical input into shaping appropriate strategies for reducing energy use in the building sector – both new build and existing buildings, looking at efficiency and alternative sources. The CAP describes the implementation measures required to achieve the City’s selected goal of a 15 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2015 and longer term goals established during the planning process. It also presents an accounting of the greenhouse gas reduction potential and likely cost to the City and public of each measure relative to the targets.

Specifically, BITH is performing the following tasks:

  • Gather data on the specific characteristics of buildings within the City of Baltimore
  • Determine sectors & building types with the greatest need for energy efficiency improvements and greatest suitability for renewable energy installations
  • Determine typical energy efficiency improvement packages by building type and the approximate cost for upgrades
  • Review full list of possible building energy measures
  • Provide suggestions for measures that should be removed or enhanced based on data collected
  • Compile a full list of the existing policies and Federal, state, and local building energy-related programs available to residents and businesses within the City of Baltimore
  • Gather participation rates for current programs
  • Interview program managers to determine possible partnership opportunities to increase uptake
  • Suggest building energy measures to enhance current programs
  • Estimate expected future adoption rates to be used in the estimated GHG reduction potential of associated measures
  • Draft descriptions of building-energy related measures to be included in the draft and final Climate Action Plan